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Welcome to my extended portfolio -- a cornucopia of academic research and journalistic writings. It covers my journey from being a reporter in the Eastern Europe, to being a sociological social psychology PhD student in the Midwest.

It is a long and complicated journey, thus the blog consists of several parts:

Under "Media" you'll find my articles about ethnic and religious minorities from the Eastern Europe -- a fascinating medley of ethnicities, tongues, religions, and cultures.

Under "How To" label, I provide solutions to various data analysis problems that I have encountered in my research. You will find tips from web scraping with R and Python, text mining and analysis, to advanced loops for pair-wise comparisons in STATA.

Under "Social Psychology of Isolation" I will blog about my current research -- how the great axes of inequality are imported into small group settings away from the society at-large (this part is coming soon).

Under "Tea…